Stock ford 9 inch gear ratios

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Stock ford 9 inch gear ratios

Available in open, Trac-Loc, Powertrax, Truetrac, and full light weight spool. We do not ship to PO Boxes. Choice of Gear Ratios: 2.

2003 ford f 6575medium truck service set 03 service and the

A made John's billet aluminum pinion support A new forged pinion yoke of your choice. Available in 28 or 31 spline, and 33 spline spools with your choice of carrier. Available in ratio of your choice. Features a super strong through-bolt design to give the case increased strength and decreased ring gear deflection common in most aluminum case designs. Our aluminum cases are also designed to be used with either a standard pilot bearing with snap ring retention, or a heavy duty, wider pinion bearing utilizing button head bolts for retention is available.

Bolt- through aluminum performance cases weigh only 16lbs, 15lbs lighter than our Nodular Iron Cases. All cases are CMM checked for machining accuracy, and are supplied with all Grade 8 hardware.

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Bolt-through aluminum performance cases weigh only 16lbs, 15lbs lighter than our Nodular Iron Cases. Available in open, Trac- Loc, Powertrax, Truetrac, and full light weight spool.Ford began production in and stopped production in though many after market companies still produce this rear end.

This makes the rearend easier to service because of its removable centersection that houses the gearset. This removable gear case houses a differential unit that the ring gear bolts onto. This is even more important if for dual purpose vehicles. This strengthens the rear end assembly but results in a minor loss of power to drive the gears.

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Terms of Service. Privacy Policy. Log in or Sign up. Atomic Industries www. Register now to get rid of these ads! The H. Hey guys, After some number crunching I decided that I'd be happy with a 2. TimOct 26, You have to find them used. They're not as easy to find as they used to be.

They were installed in lots of big ford cars in the 70s. I've put a lot of miles on the set I have in my blown big block 55 chevy. I just purchased a for 9 inch. RAY WithOct 26, There used to be a lot of 2. Last edited: Oct 26, I have 3 sets of gears. I am using one set in a 28 chevy and the other is being used in a 27 chevy and the other is undecided at this time.

The other came out of a mercury monarch also non posi 28 spline. There still out there. Ghost28Oct 26, That should be close enough. If you don't find used, Randys Ring and Pinion can get any ratio you want and fast. If you do not need high priced gears get World Brand.

I am running them in my T Bucket and they are fine. If you want better gears try Yukon. Randy can guide you on this stuff. I don't think anyone makes a new 2. There is almost always a couple of 2.

stock ford 9 inch gear ratios

I just saw the ad and remembered you where looking. Deuce RoadsterOct 27, I'm running 2. VerminatorOct 27, I have 2. A recent build had the 2. Long winded is nice but you can overdo it.Before you embark on the rebuild and start scouring local scrap yards and online websites, it will be helpful to understand what to look for and what to avoid in these axles.

First, you need to understand some fundamentals of the Ford axles to help guide your quest. I have spent countless hours over the years collecting, reading, and studying old shop manuals, supplier reference documents, SAE papers, and even vehicle manufacturer reports and notes.

stock ford 9 inch gear ratios

Some of this information is very important as it is becoming more and more difficult to find documentation on axles and differentials that were built more than 40 years ago.

I have also spent many hours in scrap yards and visiting and interviewing the experts in this field along with years of building numerous axles myself.

In this chapter I share a summary of decades of work on these axles. As part of my research, I went to renowned Currie Enterprises and gathered one of just about every different 9-inch axle variant. I put together a whole collection of housings and third members.

This is a sampling of some of them. Here is a quick visual summary: The housings do not have dimples on them and have an oil drain plug.

The s and s have two dimples on either side of the housing and some have drain plugs.

stock ford 9 inch gear ratios

The s to s still retain the dimples but also have an oil level plug in the back cover. The Ford 8. There is typically a stamped steel cover that must be removed to gain access to the internals. This chart serves as a general guideline for axle fl ange-to-fl ange width based on different models and production years. I have included the narrow 8-inch axles for reference. The narrowest production 9-inch axle is If measuring the drum-to-drum distance, add.

An assortment of Ford 9-inch axle stampings is welded together to create the housing. The cast-iron third member is installed from the front of the housing. The third member supports all of the gears and bearings, which allows for easier gear ratio swaps if you have multiple third members.

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I reference these axles based on the ring gear nominal outside diameter in inches. The fundamental difference between these axles is how the gears are supported and which end of the axle housing front or back that they are assembled from. It may seem strange to begin by comparing the 8-inch to the 9-inch axle, but there is an important distinction to make since the 8-inch axle is weaker than the 9-inch.

Many people are not aware that Ford made a smaller banjo axle and confuse the 8-inch for a 9-inch. The 8-inch was introduced in and is found in many lower performance Fairlanes, Mustangs, Falcons, Comets, Cougars, and Pintos, just to name a few of the applications. All of the 8-inch case nuts can be accessed with a socket.

Both axles share a common design and are often referred to as banjo style or third-member style.Terms Of Service. Privacy Policy. The Ford Barn FordBarn. Sponsored Links Register now to hide all advertisements.

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Thinking about putting a 9" rear end in my F1. I found a nice 9" rear end out of a Ford pass. Does anyone know what the rear end ratio options were in this car?

I have a 3. I am in the process of changing from a 4 speed to a rebuilt 3 speed top loader also. Re: Ford 9" rear end. Most likely it would be 3. Depends on what engine the car had. I had a 6 with a straight stick that had 3. Lock up one axle, turn the free axle, count the pinion revolutions and figure the ratio.

If you use a housing from a pickup with a 9 inch before it should be the same width and bolt in.

Ford Drive Ratios

I think from 73 to 86 will bolt in but be wider. I have used quite of few of the '57 rear-end's in various projects. Almost all had the 's as previously posted by Craig. They work good with a T The Custom I parted rusted in half had a 3. My Ranchero has a 3.

The 9-inch Ford Rearend is the Strongest Rearend Out There—It’s All Due to “Hypoid Distance”

It all depends on the transmission gear ratios, as to what rear ratio will work best, this applies to automatics as well as manual transmissions.

If you have to go out and spend money for a three speed, think about spending a bit more and look in to a five speed. They are Soooo, nice. Jim, auto trans have a lot of different gear ratio's in the lower gears, but they all have 1 to 1 final drive, except the over drive trans.

I'd hold out for one of those. They're still plentiful and offer a wide range of ratios and have the same wheel bolt pattern. I've seen a bunch of powered F's with 3. You're right though, you could probably run through a field of 3. Here is a link with some info that might help you identify the ratio if that rear end was the original in the ' The truck rearend would be better 57 to 72 the car length is about 4" short ,not wide enough. Thread Tools. All times are GMT The time now is AM. User Name.

Remember Me? Send a private message to oneoldtruckguy. Find More Posts by oneoldtruckguy.The Jalopy Journal. Terms of Service. Privacy Policy. Log in or Sign up. Atomic Industries www.

Eaton Detroit Truetrac Install for a 9\

Register now to get rid of these ads! The H. Highest stock gear ratio in 9inch rears? What's the highest numerically lowest ratio put in 31 spline truck 9inches. I've got a 3. I've got what I believe to be a 2. Something similar to stab in my 9inch housing would definitely be sweet. Oh, and if anyone has anything close to what I'm looking for, I'll probably be interested in buying I'll check my books.

It was a pretty wierd deal and part of an econo package I think. It was a dog Economy went down the shitter though lol.

Ford 9 Inch Differential Information

CJ SteakOct 22, I run 2. Common 70s big car smog gears. RichFoxOct 22, Well, sweet. Thanks for all of your input so far. I guess now what should be said is that I'm looking for a third member with 2. I don't think there is any such thing stock, you'll have to combine a 31 spline carrier with the awful gears.

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You can find the 2. TomP64Oct 22, Im not trying to be an ass. I am really wondering why you would want anything more than a 3. I had 3. JimSibleyOct 22, I have a set of 2. Walton Bch. GeorgeOct 22, Just GaryOct 22, How tall are your tires? C9Oct 22, It would auto shift 2nd to 3rd gear with the pedal on the boards at 80mph. Top endSee all 34 photos. Particularly in the 3. You can have extra centers already setup and ready for installation see Photos A and Bbelow.

Most others use cumbersome, replaceable shims. If you tell someone you have a 9-inch Ford, automatically you're a badass. Ford's 9-inch rearend was produced from through At one time or another, it was installed in nearly every Ford passenger car and truck.

In racing and hot rodding today, you'll find these rearends and their aftermarket descendents in just about everything—not just Fords. But what makes the Ford "better"? Besides an inherently large ring-gear diameter bigger than all competitive passenger-car performance rearends, except the massively heavy and relatively rare 9-inch Dana 60the Ford's biggest strength advantage over competitive rearends is its greater hypoid distance.

Hypoid distance is the distance from the center of the ring gear to the center of the pinion gear. Given approximately equal ring-and-pinion diameters, the greater this distance or gear offsetthe higher the ring-and-pinion assembly's inherent strength. That's because offsetting the gears results in more gear-tooth surface contact at any given moment. The advantage increases at lower high numerical axle ratios because, compared to milder ratios, the low-ratio gearsets have relatively fewer pinion gear teeth in contact—meaning less teeth to spread and absorb the load.

Ironically, what became one of the Ford's main strength advantages was not due to the design engineers' desire to increase rearend strength. Back inFord's most powerful supercharged ci Thunderbird V8 put out hp, with mainstream motors generally in the hp class at most. Instead, the large offset was a nod to appease the stylists who wanted a lower floorpan with less "center-hump" for the new Ford passenger-car body. As it turns out, in the performance world, the Ford's 'old-school' drop-out centersection is yet another design advantage.

Taken as a whole, the Ford's beefy ring-and-pinion configuration, strong bearings, stout bolt-in axles, ease of set up, and future growth potential only added to the Ford's increased popularity in the hot rod world.

Today, aftermarket renditions from Currie, Mark Williams, Moser, Hoosier Gear, Quick Performance, Strange, Tom's Differentials, and others have vastly improved the basic overall soundness of Ford's original design, making it the go-to choice in racing and hot rodding alike. Sums up Papenberg, "New and improved parts are continuously being released for the 9-inch, and its popularity will continue to grow as a result. We know from long experience that a fully built 9-inch Ford is better and stronger than a Dana With its 2.

According to Hoosier Gear's Bill Vandevord, the Ford may have as much as a percent strength advantage in certain cases, assuming equally sized gears. The strength advantage would be greatest as gears get steeper higher numericallybecause there are generally less teeth on the pinion to absorb and spread the torque loads. Over ratios may have only five or six teeth. With a 1. But increased hypoid distance isn't a free lunch: Theoretically, it reduces efficiency because with a lower contact point, the pinion must push harder against the ring gear.

And there's also more surface area in contact, which generates higher surface friction. The Ford lost about 2. Nevertheless, most racers are more than willing to trade off such slight drivetrain losses for real-world strength. I would go as far as saying if you took the same car with the same exact setup, and put them side-by-side with the same driver in multiple circumstances, that driver would not be able to tell which rearend is in the vehicle.

Ford 9-inch rearends have a third "extra" pinion support bearing located at the rear of the drive pinion. Other rearends have only the usual center two support bearings. The traditional view on the Ford's extra bearing is that it's a brilliant design enhancement that places the pinion in double-shear to prevent pinion deflection.


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